The Basics About Assisted Living Services Portland OR

Senior Assisted Living Homes in Portland, OR

Assisted living facilities are also known as congregate housing, residential care, boarding home, or domiciliary care. And this facility is ideal for those individuals who need little daily care assistance. These little daily care assistance can be considered as assistance with medication management, daily activities such as bathing, laundry, housekeeping, and more, and skilled nursing. During the senior years,…

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Assisted Living Homes Portland OR: If Your Loved One Has Dementia

Dementia care in Assisted Living Homes - Portland, OR

Dementia is a life-changing disease, and the person suffering from this disease goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes. If you’re living with someone diagnosed with dementia, you will know the challenges and how stressful their behavior becomes to deal with. The mood swings and the personality changes that come with this disease can drain the caregivers…

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Celebrating Holidays While Keeping the Seniors Safe

Assisted Living and Residential Care Facilities in Portland, OR

Holidays are the time when a lot of people return back home to spend time with their loved ones. A lot of people travel through the ocean and across countries to meet their family, spend time together, share a large family meal, greet each other with warm hugs, and more. However, this year, due to the pandemic things is…

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